Do you want to improve your trumpet skills?

Perhaps you want to move ahead in your school program or into an auditioned group, but you’re stuck.

Or you may not have as good of a sound or range
that you know you can have, but you don’t have
the tools or knowledge to get there.

You may be:

Stuck, frustrated, struggling and not knowing what to do.

Wasting money with inexperienced or inexpert teachers and not showing improvement.

Failing auditions or not making the top groups at your school.

Not able to shine the way you know you can.

Barb Hudak

I work with young people aged 10 through college who are in a school music program and who are smart, talented and try hard, but their music isn’t reflecting that.


My name is Barb Hudak and I have heard from so many students over the years that they want to play higher, sound better, learn to play jazz or read music better. They are struggling and not sure what to do next. Read more about me here.


I can set up a personal road map for you and your trumpet playing that helps you define and meet your goals.

Commitment, Consistency, and Practice are important for you to consider as well.

I help with instrument selection and advice, solo repertoire and other tools to use as benchmarks to meet along your path.

Most importantly, we have fun while making music. It’s a process that can be deeply rewarding.

You can:

Go from confused to confident. Reach your potential faster with the right tools and have more fun playing!

Get connected with other smart, talented, fun musicians.

Feel satisfied, or even astonished, that you sound great.

Learn to laugh while playing! Okay-that’s harder for wind players, but we can do it!

Contact me to find out about lessons or my groups. During the year I offer a trumpet ensemble, jazz jam, and some group lessons for students who are in 5th and 6th grade.


We can set up a time to talk on the phone to see if we are a good fit and you can ask me any questions you might have.

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